8BitDo Is Better Than The Switch Pro Controller—And Time To Move On!

8BitDo controller, a third-party controller manufacturer, has produced a lot of fantastic controllers for Nintendo Switch.

Many controllers fall under the “situational” category-controllers that work well with specific genres and games. The 8BitDo Ultimate Bluetooth Switch controller, however, is something else. It is a unique controller with exceptional ergonomics, professional-style features, and customization.

8BitDo Ultimate is the most expensive traditional gamepad by the manufacturer at $70 due to its robust features. But it’s still the same price as Nintendo’s Pro controller. The first controller used in docked mode has been available since the Switch was launched five years ago. The 8BitDo Ultimate Switch controller is your best choice.

The 8BitDo Ultimate controller is an excellent alternative to the Switch Pro controller because of its design and button layout. The Ultimate uses the same layout, with offset buttons and ergonomic handles. 8BitDo’s premium Switch controllers, such as the Pro 2, had joysticks aligned like PlayStation controllers before the Ultimate. Although the Pro 2 was great for all types of games, its design made it a standout with retro games. Although the Ultimate is smaller than the Pro controller from Nintendo, it feels just as natural even after five years of using it. It may be challenging to use if your hands are large.

The dome-shaped face buttons feel almost identical to Xbox controller inputs. The triggers and shoulder buttons aren’t quite as large as those on the Pro controller but are still chunkier. They can be extended back, but they also have a longer pull distance, making them more suitable for first-person shooters.

Two rear buttons are also found on the Ultimate along the curves of their handles. My middle fingers are perfectly aligned with the buttons, and I don’t have to adjust my grip. You may have yet to use the 8BitDo rear buttons controller. They are very low-profile, making them buttons and not triggers. Funky Friday Codes can help you with what you are reading about game or can help you to discover fresh perspectives regarding your topic.

Hall Effect sensors ensure that the joysticks’ internal components don’t rub together while you move them. Instead, it uses magnetic signals to register inputs. The Ultimate’s Hall Effect sticks have a more precise feel than those on the Pro controller. Hall Effect technology also eliminates the risk of stick drift.

Even if the main perks of the controller were just better sticks and back buttons, it is still worth looking at the Pro controller. The Ultimate excels in customization. 8BitDo offers a proprietary app, Ultimate Software, that can be downloaded on iOS, Android, and PC. The app can set up settings and sync with the controller over Bluetooth. The app can map inputs and create profiles (up to three). The app can adjust stick tension, trigger sensitivity, rumble intensity, or set up macros. The Ultimate triggers have a longer pull distance than the standard and are, therefore, more sensitive. This allows for delicate tuning tension and sensitivity, which can be customized to your liking.

It feels like a bonus for a controller that is already great. It can be used with either white or black controllers and has a USB-C connector on the back. The cable connects it to your Switch’s USB port or your PC. The 2.4GHz adapter can be stored in a separate compartment at the bottom of this stand. The controller can be connected via Bluetooth or wireless 2.4GHz. I found the Bluetooth setting to be very stable with no input lag.

You may wonder if third-party controllers cause you to miss any of the unique features of Nintendo’s controllers. There are a few small things that you can do. Although the Ultimate does have a rumble, it doesn’t have a Nintendo HD rumble. However, the Ultimate can adjust vibration intensity. The Ultimate also has motion controls if you like to wave your Pro controller around. It does not have NFC support for Amiibo characters. This is not an issue, but third-party Switch controllers don’t have this feature.

The Ultimate is a Switch controller that I almost exclusively have discussed due to its superiority over the Pro controller. However, it is fully compatible with PC. The Ultimate is a great controller for PC gamers, as well.

It’s worth noting that 8BitDo has created two versions of the Ultimate controller. The $70 edition can be used with a Switch or PC. A $50 budget version is also available that only offers 2.4GHz wireless and is compatible with Android, Raspberry Pi, PC, and Android. The controller functions the same, so those wanting it for PC should opt for the less expensive version – unless they plan to get a Switch. This version is also available in Pastel Pink and has face buttons marked as an Xbox controller. Outside of compatibility, the Switch controller can run for 22 hours, while the 2.4GHz-only model lasts only 15 hours.

No matter which model you choose, you will get a quality controller with unique customization options that put it at the top, especially considering its price. 8BitDo has been the most trusted third-party controller manufacturer over the years. The Ultimate controller is the latest example.

Images and videos included from "www.instagram.com", "Creative Commons License", "www.pexels.com".