Clicker Simulator Codes: Free Double Luck Boost and Pet

What do Clicker Simulator codes do? With these active Clicker Simulator codes, you can get a double luck boost, a pet, and various gifts.

Click Simulator will force you to use your muscles. To make any progress, this Roblox game requires you to tap and click on your screen constantly. Instead of spending money, your clicks can be used to create new companions or treat existing ones.

Clicking your screen constantly can be time-consuming. That’s why our Clicker Simulator codes page is so helpful. This page lists the current and expired codes of the game, so you can easily find the ones you need to redeem for various rewards. Pressure Studios usually release these codes to celebrate milestones or new updates. A One Piece Game Codes will enable you to read more about game something or allow you to discover fresh insights.

Our comprehensive Roblox Clicker Simulator code list will boost your button-mashing skills with multipliers and freebies.

Clicker Simulator Codes (Active)

This is the list of all active Clicker Simulator codes. These codes are usually in the form of items or in-game currency. You can’t refuse gifts! These are the Clicker Simulator codes currently in use.

  • NYPLAY – one hour of six times hatch boost (new!)
  • LUCKYBLACK – thirty minutes of two times luck (new!)
  • 620KLIKES! – 620 like pet (new!)
  • WNTRLUCK – 60 mins of two times luck boost
  • X6HFUNTIME – 30 mins of six times hatch
  • X6EGGOP – free boosts
  • 550KCODELIKE – three hour double luck boost
  • 525KLIKECODE1 – three hour double luck boost
  • LUCKY5000 – two two-hour luck boosts
  • 400DOUBLELUCK – two two-hour luck boosts
  • LUCKYCODE21 – two two-hour luck boosts
  • LIKECLICK12 – boost
  • tokcodeluck12 – two two-hour luck boosts
  • 2xlongluck350 – two two-hour luck bosts
  • twitter100k – one two-hour luck boost
  • freeautohatch – one hour of auto-hatch
  • HINT56 – bringer of the black hole pet
  • solx6 – 30 minutes of six times hatch
  • TGIFNOV – ten minutes of six times hatch
  • 2GLITCHY – gems boost
  • LIMITEDPET1 – free pet
  • hide0luck – 30 minutes of double luck
  • 15MWORLD6 – fifteen minutes of six time hatch rate
  • HIDDENX61 – 30 mins of six times hatch rate
  • HIDDENX6112 – one hour of six times hatch rate

Clicker Simulator Codes (Expired)

We have the complete list of expired Clicker Simulator codes for you to use in case they are still valid. These codes will probably be gone forever, so we don’t recommend you set your sights too high. However, it’s worth trying if the active Clicker Simulator codes are still valid.

  • 75KLIKES
  • 50klikes
  • 30klikes
  • 20KLIKES
  • Freeautohatch
  • 70KLIKES
  • 10KLikes
  • 2022
  • 150KCLICKS
  • 125KLUCK
  • 100KLIKES

    What Is Clicker Simulator?

    Clicker Simulator works in the same way as other farming experiences. It’s all about farming and grinding as much as you can. Although Clicker Simulator has no story, many players have a common goal: to obtain a variety of powerful and unique pets. Players need patience, dedication, and lots of currency and boost to achieve this often lofty goal. What are you waiting for? Get in touch and start clicking! Roblox Promo Codes can help you with what you are reading about game or can help you to discover fresh perspectives regarding your topic.

    How To Redeem Codes In Clicker Simulator?

    What good are codes for exciting new gift ideas if you don’t know how to redeem them? If you want to receive all the loot free of charge, make sure to follow these steps:

    1. Click on the shop icon from the main menu.
    2. You will see a box with the Enter Code in it. Type or copy one of these codes here
    3. To redeem the code, click Verify, and you will receive your rewards.

    This completes our Clicker Simulator code list. It includes all information you need about active and expired codes. Enjoy your in-game rewards for free!

    Are There Codes For Pets In Clicker Simulator?

    Although there have been some in the recent past, currently, there is no such thing. This is an uncommon occurrence, so don’t be surprised if it does happen. We’ll list any that do emerge in this post.

    Why Aren’t My Clicker Simulator Codes Working?

    You can accidentally enter different numbers or letters if you manually type a code. If this happens too often, you can copy the code here and paste it into the text field.

    Reading Genshin Impact Codes can help you to understand what you are reading about game or enable you to discover fresh game perspectives.

    Even if you’re sure you’ve done it correctly, it may only work for a while. You may have also used the code previously, meaning you won’t get it back. Please comment if you are still waiting to receive a reward for any working codes. We will double-check and update this guide as needed.

    Clicker Simulator Codes FAQs

    What are Clicker Simulator Codes?

    These codes are usually luck boosts or auto-hatch rewards from Pressure Studios. These codes are usually dropped at new milestones, so make sure to like the game!

    Where can I find the latest Clicker Simulator codes?

    Follow developers on social media to find new codes. You can get them all in this article if you are still looking for them.

    How do I get more codes for Clicker Simulator?

    @ClickerSim1, the game’s social account, is on Twitter, and you can find more codes. You can join the Discord server to receive news and updates and chat with other players. We will continue to update this Wiki with the latest codes. Please check back often!

    Final Words

    Free in-game upgrades and items are a great way to get your game on. Clicker Simulator codes will give you incredible boosts for your adventures. Clicker Simulator, a Roblox game that is very popular, will likely be updated regularly with milestones being reached. We’ll show you all active Clicker Simulator and expired codes below. We will also show you how to redeem them, so read the entire article to ensure you get your goodies quickly.

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