Educational Games

Educational games for teens can be based on many subjects, including science, maths, English, art, music, history, and English.

Educational games are an excellent option for children who struggle to learn with pencil and paper. An educational nonprofit says that a growing body of research has shown that game-based learning platforms can “create an engaging dynamic that encourages students to develop competences and skills as they concentrate on the activities of a game.”

No matter what subject you choose, educational games can be used to instill a love for learning in your child. This is true regardless of whether your child is learning online, at home, or in a traditional classroom setting.

What Are Educational Games?

What Are Educational Games?

These games are engaging for children and help them develop their cognitive, social, and logical skills. These games and activities are designed to help children understand different topics practically.

Learning games can reinforce concepts and help teens understand historical events and situations.

Below are some of our favorite educational games for children by subject. Are you interested in competitions related to a particular topic?

  • Mathematics
  • Language arts
  • Art
  • Physical and health education
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Social studies
  • Histories
  • Geography

Best Educational Game Sites For Your Children

Many educational games include the word, puzzles, math, geography, and arcade games. Some games are educational (e.g., geography, math). Some are educational (e.g., geography, math), while others are fun. Arcade, sports).

PBS Kids Games

PBS KIDS is a provider of curriculum-based entertainment. The site offers a variety of browser-based gaming experiences based on well-known media and literary franchises like Curious George, Sesame Street, and Sesame Street. The games are organized by subject type, including math, science, reading, teamwork, and healthy habits.

Arcademic Skill Builders

Arcademic Skill Builders is an online educational video game that teaches basic math, language arts, vocabulary, thinking skills, and more. Arcademic games require students to learn repetitively, timed drills, and receive immediate feedback.

Mr. Nussbaum

Greg Nussbaum is a Virginia teacher and has created over 3500 pages. He offers a variety of learning games, as well as a variety of content types. This site can also be used on a tablet or an interactive whiteboard.

Primary Games

Primary Games offers over 1,000 games and activities to meet the curriculum requirements for science, math, language arts, and social studies. Teachers can also find curriculum guides on the site to help them use the games.

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic is home to over 100 interactive, engaging and engaging science, adventure, geography, and quiz games. The production quality of interactives and games such as Wildest Weather, On the Trail of Captain John Smith and, The Underground Railroad, Journey to Freedom are exceptional.

BBC Schools: Games

British PBS’s British counterpart, the BBC, offers interactive digital activities and games that cover literacy, numeracy, and mathematics. You can also categorize the games into age groups. Cartoon graphics are appealing to children. Teachers and parents who want their children to learn can enjoy the game’s content.

This site provides teacher-approved and teacher-created educational computer games that elementary students can use to learn math and language arts online. is featured by Fox News, Apple News, and The New York Times. It offers well-crafted activities and games for young children.


Poptropica(r), created by Jeff Kinney (author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid), is a virtual world where kids can explore and play in total safety. Poptropica’s interactive quests, stories, and games entertain millions of children around the globe every month.

Sheppard Software

Sheppard Software is the site’s founder and hosts many educational online games for children. It organizes its games in categories that allow teachers and students to quickly navigate by subject matter and find the suitable match to satisfy their curiosity or challenge their children’s thirst for knowledge.


Funbrain is a site for children ages pre-school through eighth grade. It offers over 100 interactive games that help develop literacy, math, and reading skills. You can also read several comics and books, such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Amelia Writes Again.

Best Educational Games For Your Children

You may feel trapped inside with your children climbing up the walls. But you don’t want to make them watch Netflix every day. These games are often called “edutaining.” These games can be educational fun that teaches something, but your children won’t notice.

Endless Alphabet

You can now let animated monsters show your children everything, from simple ABCs to more complex sentences. You will find puzzle games that talk and clearly explain the meanings of words to help your child read. Originator, the publisher of Endless Alphabet, has many other games, including Endless Reader, which helps children learn sight words, and Endless Spanish, which helped my children significantly improve their Spanish vocabulary.

This game encourages spatial thinking and puzzle solving. Children can pilot toads through courses inspired by Super Mario Odyssey. He will also help solve puzzles and find treasures.

Thinkrolls 2

This physics puzzle game features rolling aliens to teach kids about acceleration, buoyancy, and gravity. It’s like old-fashioned games, with no ads and no in-app purchases. You don’t even need an internet connection.

Dragonbox Math and Chess Games

Although Dragonbox games are primarily math-related, they partnered with Magnus Carlsen, a chess champion, to create Magnus’ Kingdom. This chess-learning game has been viral in our house. The game uses an adventure-style approach that teaches children about different chess pieces and how they can play. Getting a real-world chessboard is a good idea (I love this no-stress beginner chessboard, $18). It will be a popular item that your children will request.

Tinybop Games

Tinybop offers dozens of learning-oriented apps, and we have been fans for many years. They are available in bundles for iPhone and iPad. For Android users, there is one Tinybop bundle that includes six games. The Curiosity Kit (16 USD) is a favorite of mine, which contains apps about the human body and animal anatomy. Tinybop currently offers its Tinybop Schools subscription for free, including ten science apps and classroom support. This is available to parents and children during school closures (no credit cards required).

Animal Jam

Animal Jam is an interactive virtual world created by the National Geographic Society. It is an online virtual world that teaches children about ecology and zoology through games, adventures, parties, and social media. This is the largest virtual world for children, with 160 million users. The parental controls allow you to restrict the game’s access if you wish.


The math-based role-playing game can be played for free. To earn rewards, kids answer skill-building math questions and play the game. They can also go on quests together. As your children progress through the game, the difficulty level will increase.

Educational Games FAQs

Are educational video games for children effective?

Gamification can be used in education beyond the classroom. Encourage your child to use their screen time for educational video games. This will not only help them in their academic subjects, but it can also transform them into lifelong learners.

What educational games are available for children?

Mathematics, Language arts, Arts, Health and physical education, Science, Technology, Social studies, History, and Geography games are educational.

What does educational games do?

Parents and teachers can get the little ones started on educational games and watch them learn new things and have fun.

Final Thoughts

The internet can be an excellent resource for learning, with many content areas, age ranges, and skill levels. Large online game hubs are where the real money is for browser-based learning games. These are 10 game hubs that teachers can use as a tool in their arsenal.

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