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All You Need to Know About Elden Ring Best Starting Class

Elden Ring Best Starting Class

Elden Ring Best Starting Class Tips and Trends

Which is Elden Ring best starting class? Learn the best ways to play this RPG and be the hero of your own story.

The best class to start with in Elden Ring can be the first major choice you’ll have to take in the enormous free-world adventure RPG. The style of FromSoftware always allows players a lot of choice in creating their characters, and similar is the case with Elden Ring to the degree that’s nearly overwhelming, especially when you’re unfamiliar with the genre. This page will provide an overview of some of the Elden Ring classes and briefly discuss the classes to determine which could be the most suitable for your needs. Whatever your level, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned Souls player, We’ve got Elden Ring starting class suggestions to help you.

What Elden Ring class should you select when you begin the game for the first time? As with the majority of From Software RPGs, Elden Ring allows new players to choose from 10 different starting classes. Each class defines your starting stats, equipment, and capabilities. Beyond this it is possible to develop your character in any way you want and choosing a particular class isn’t a requirement for an exact style of play throughout your game; it will give you a small headstart towards a particular style of play should you choose to.

Although all of the Elden Ring classes only determine how you begin, not how you progress, it’s still a crucial selection. For example, the armor that you start with in certain classes will only be available much later during the game if you do not choose that particular class. In this guide, we’ll take you through all the classes within Elden Ring, explaining their beginning stats and equipment and what kind of game they’re most suitable for, so you can choose the most appropriate class for your requirements.


Dodging and swift sword strikes are the skills that the Warrior has best. Elden Ring’s primary Dexterity course, with the highest dexterity score of all classes available. Additionally, Warriors start the game with two Scimitars which you can power stance or swing simultaneously. They can do a lot of damage, strike quickly, and are relatively simple to utilize. For Souls veterans who want additional protection, the Warriors’ Riveted Wooden Shield is great for dodging humanoid targets.

Warriors are excellent for Dexterity and hybrid Dex/Int builds. Because they have the most initial Dex, Warriors can achieve either 40-60 Dexterity quicker than other types. Reading Elden Ring Servers Down could be an excellent help to your game understanding. It also has the beginning Intelligence and Mind to use weaker spells. The Warrior is the best option if you’re looking to utilize powerful weapons to play an Elden Ring playthrough.


Astrologers are the best spellcasters at the beginning of your game. They possess the most base Intelligence of all classes and begin with two spells. Glintstone Pebble fires a small projectile with a very short casting duration, ideal for taking out fodder foes. Once you’re swarming, Glintstone Arc can be utilized to shoot powerful waves of energy at foes. Naturally, it’s the case that you may not always have enough FP, and that’s the reason this class begins with a Short Sword and Wooden Shield.

Intelligence builders will prefer to begin as Astrologers. Their high Intelligence starting point and Mind are perfect for the classic spellcaster. Find a shop that sells sorcery items as soon as possible, upgrade your equipment, and utilize Spirit Ashes whenever possible. Another popular strategy is to head to Caelid and take your Comet Azur sorcery and Meteorite Staff right at the beginning. This combination can unleash a blast of energy that could smash any enemy in your game. If you’d like to become an atomic cannon made of glass, an Astrologer is a perfect match.


Vagabond is a class that’s perfect for beginners. Vagabond is the perfect choice for those new to the Souls genre and veterans who would like to create a top-quality build. Vagabonds are the most powerful class with the most Vigor rating of all 10 classes available and plenty of points in Dexterity and Strength. This makes Vagabonds proficient with almost any weapon you’ll encounter at the beginning of the game, including their initial Longsword and Halberd. If you discover an item that needs more stats, boosting the strength and dexterity of your character shouldn’t be a problem.

Vagabonds possess the ideal statistics for high-quality builds. Builds that are equally balanced for Strength and Dexterity. Make sure both stats are at least 40, choose an item compatible with both stats, and you’ll be prepared for your first game. If you’re looking to build a spellsword, the Vagabond isn’t the worst choice either, though classes such as the Prisoner and Prophet perform this better.


The Samurai is the most feared martial art. They’re similar to Vagabond in stats and emphasize Dexterity and Strength. What makes the Samurai differ from the Vagabond is the starting equipment. The class begins with an Uchigatana and a Longbow, arguably the most effective loadout for starting the game. The Uchigatana provides excellent damage and can even cut targets and is a great weapon with impressive weapon art. In combat with ranged weapons, The Longbow can deal decent damage from a far distance.

Quality and Dexterity builds are well with this class, but dedicated Strength builds can also be used. The Samurai has excellent base stats and is arguably the most effective start-up gear in the game.


The Hero class is Elden Ring’s most popular Strength class. A Strength score of 16 allows you to use most of Elden’s more powerful weapons early in the game. It is a great choice for those who want to take down their enemies with a powerful club or greatsword. To compensate, the Hero has rather poor statistics for casters. They may not be the smartest; however, their Arcane stat of 11 could cause enemy drops to become slightly more frequent.

Anyone who wants to build strength gains should choose this class. Greatswords and clubs, as well as other heavy weapons, can perform great with this class. Remember that your Dexterity and caster statistics are quite low, so you shouldn’t be building high-quality hybrids or builds for this class. Heroes are all brawn and without a brain.


The Confessor is a Faith spellcaster that doubles as the spellsword. Confessors start with the awesome Broadsword, a good shield, and two other spells. Urgent Heal is a great ability to convert FP into HP, while The Assassins’ Approach can be useful for backstabbing humanoid targets within camps scattered throughout all the Lands Between.

The Str/Faith and Dex/Faith builds work best with the Confessor; however, pure Faith builds work just as well. If you’re beginning your journey, the Confessor is a great option to explore the vast variety of spells and weapons available in the Elden Ring.


Bandit is a risky class with high rewards, which heavily relies on crucial hits. In Elden Ring, Critical hits are backstabbed or counter-attack with parry and strikes at an opponent’s weak point. The game begins with a knife with an extremely small range and a subpar amount of damage per strike. But it is fast and delivers excellent backstab as well as counterattack damage. To aid you in landing these counterattacks, you’ll need the Buckler, one of the most effective parrying equipment. For enemies aren’t payable with, a few arrows from your Shortbow can soften them.

Dexterity builds are best played with the Bandit; however, we do not suggest that novices choose this type of class. Combating targets with a weapon is a dangerous playstyle that isn’t effective with every enemy. Experienced Souls players who want to play around with their tactics may get the most enjoyment from this game as it is a great match using Elden Ring’s stealth techniques.


Wretches are blank without any gear at all. The game starts with a ten in each statistic and an old wooden club as your weapon of melee. If you’re looking for armor, you’ll need to discover it. It may seem like a bad idea initially, but the Wretch’s evenly distributed stats make it an excellent class for experienced Souls players. Once you understand the best early-game armor and weapons, the drawbacks of playing as a Wretch can be quickly reduced.

Wretches can be used with any build within the Elden Ring, although they do not excel at a specific thing. We do not recommend this class for Souls newcomers because you’ve practically no equipment, but those familiar with previous Soulslike games can mold the Wretch into whatever they want.


A Prophet, as well as a cleric, merged into one. Contrary to other classes in the Dark Souls series, pyromancies and magic have been combined into one art of magic. This lets the Prophet start with both defensive and offensive spells. Heal lets you transform FP into HP, and Catch Flame serves as a short-range flame that deals significant damage at the beginning of the game. Also included are a Short Spear and a Rickety Shield for the times you’re required to defend.

The majority of Faith builders will want to begin as Prophets. We also suggest anyone new to playing with a spellsword start as Prophet. Combining pyromancies and magic within one discipline resulted in Faith, an extremely powerful and useful stat. The ability to recover, summon spirits, deal damage with lightning or fire, and enhance yourself with various spells. If you invest a bit into Strength, you could transform this class into the paladin. The spear, chants, and the beginning are good initially, but you must improve your character.


It is also a standard spellsword, which allows you to use Dexterity weapons and spells with equal skill. Prisoners begin the game with an Estoc shield, which can block an attack from the outside and the staff. Also, you’ve heard of Magic Glintblade, a spell that lets off a magic sword that homs after a long delay. Every combat situation is solved by the initial loadout you choose to use as well as your statistics make it simple to use superior weaponry and spells early in the game.

Dex/Int hybrid builds are best for the Prisoner. Nearly any traditional spellsword design will work for the Prisoner, and even specific Intelligence or Dexterity builds could be used. If you’re stepping into Elden Ring with interest in casting spells, you should consider becoming a prisoner.

Elden Ring Best Starting Class FAQs

What’s the best Elden Ring starting class?

In the introduction, one of the main things to be aware of concerning Elden Ring is that as you advance in the game, your class selection will be irrelevant. You’ll be able to utilize Runes (the current name for Souls fans of the series) to increase your level and distribute stats in the way you’d like. You’ll also gain access to or purchase various equipment suitable for any play style from chests, enemies, and loot points worldwide.

Is Samurai the best starting class Elden Ring?

The Samurai can objectively have plenty of advantages as a beginning class with good armor, a light shield, and a powerful starting weapon, Katana. It is balanced in strength, speed, and the well-known ability to unsheathe an initial longbow; there are lots to be awed by.

Elden Ring: What are starting classes?

The classes you start with that are available in Elden Ring will be the archetypes you’ll select from when you create a new character. The first class you pick will affect your stats and weapons, which can be enhanced and changed as you advance in the adventure. Selecting the right class for your first start is important, as it will impact how you play. You can change the Character Stats in progress; however, your stats for your first class cannot be changed.
The 10 classes that are available for starting within Elden Ring are as follows as outlined in the game:
• Vagabond
• Warrior
• Hero
• Bandit
• Astrologer
• Prophet
• Samurai
• Prisoner
• Confessor
• Wretch

Elden Ring classes: Which should you choose?

If Elden Ring is your first RPG in the Souls style, then Vagabond and the Astrologer are great classes to start with when you’re looking to learn about casting or melee, respectively. Experienced players might want to play around with the intriguing start-up gear and stats for prisoner and Bandit classes. Learn more about them by looking at the 10 Elden Ring classes.

Does starting class matter Elden Ring?

Selecting the most suitable class for your first adventure to begin your journey in Elden Ring is the first major decision you’ll encounter that will define the beginning of your journey. Like Soulsborne games, your first class determines the type of build you can play with.

Final Thoughts

The most effective Elden Ring class depends on what you’d like to do with it. Are you looking to become an attack specialist with strength, for instance? or focus on spells or incantations that use the range to beat opponents? Whatever you’re looking for, it’s good to know that you’re free to play almost regardless of your starting point. Reading Is Elden Ring On Game Pass? Can be a great way to learn more about a game or to form a fresh viewpoint.

The classes you start with could include stat points or equipment geared toward specific play styles, like extra strength, greater magic, or specific weapons and armor, but you’re not tied to any particular class. When you play, you’ll be able to spend your XP in any area and change your classes to any other class.

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