Genshin Impact Drink Recipes for Of Drinks A-Dreaming

Genshin Impact introduced an event where you can satisfy our customers by preparing your drinks with Genshin Impact drink recipes.

The Of Drinking-a-Dream event in Genshin Impact includes 21 different drinks players can explore by playing with various ingredients. Certain drink recipes hint at the drink’s name, while others require some trial-and-error to discover. For instance, it’s clear to know that Caramel Pinecone would include caramel as an ingredient. However, the significance of Cheer and Laughter having cocoa paste is difficult to determine.

To gain access to the Of Drinking-a-Dream event, players must finish Eula’s story quest from Genshin Impact, complete their Archon mission “Interlude Chapter Act 1,” and achieve the level of adventure 28. Players can go to Angel’s Share Tavern in Mondstadt City if the prerequisites are fulfilled. Luka will inform you that they’re hosting a Bartender’s Training Week. Reading Warzone 2.0 Season 1 may help you realize what’s being talked about or can help you discover fresh game insights.

The Traveler can receive rewards from their satisfied customers for taking part.

Coffee Recipes

There are six recipes for coffee to find, but only one is available at the start of the game. Moonlit Alley will be the initial recipe players need to master because Kaeya will want to know it when the Traveler speaks to her. The recipe can be automatically unlocked to give players an understanding of the bartending minigame. Then you can choose from five additional coffee recipes learned from the Genshin Impacts Of Drinking-a-Dream event in Genshin Impact.

  • Athenaeum: Coffee x3
  • Caramel Pinecone: Coffee + Milk + Caramel
  • Foamy Relief: Coffee x2 + Fizzy Water
  • Golden Eden: Coffee x2 + Milk
  • Moonlit Alley: Coffee + Milk + Cocoa Paste
  • Night of Swirling Stars: Coffee + Milk x2

Tea Recipes

The names of tea recipes aren’t a lot to think about other than tea being the primary ingredient. Certain characters from Angel’s Share Tavern, like Zhongli or Lisa, who are a couple, request altered versions of recipes for tea drinks. For instance, Zhongli will require extra tea in the Misty Garden recipe for a stronger drink. In the Perfect Bartender Challenge, players will likely encounter variations that alter the basic drinks.

  • Brightcrown: Tea + Milk x2
  • Boreal Watch: Tea + Milk + Mint
  • Laughter and Cheer: Tea + Milk + Cocoa Paste
  • Love Poem: Tea + Milk + Caramel
  • Misty Garden: Tea x3
  • Scholar’s Afternoon: Tea x2 + Milk
  • Tart Brilliance: Tea x2 + Lemon

Juice Recipes

Like the coffee recipes found in the Of Drinking-a-Dream event in Genshin Impact, one juice recipe can be unlocked through progression through The Tavern Tales portion. After serving Kaeya and Rosaria, players can talk to Dliuc to place the drink he ordered. Diluc will ask for the Gray Valley Sunset, allowing the recipe to be unlocked. Ingredients used in recipes that are not locked can be checked anytime via the menu for pause.

  • Barbatos’ Boon: Juice + Fizzy Water + Mint
  • Birch Sap: Juice x2 + Lemon
  • Dawning Dew: Juice x2 + Fizzy Water
  • Gray Valley Sunset: Juice x3
  • Snow-Covered Kiss: Juice x2 + Milk
  • Sweet Cider Lake: Juice + Milk x2

Blend Recipes

There are two recipes for blends in The Of Drinking-a-Dream event in Genshin Impact. The name says all the blend recipes combine two of the most important ingredients, tea, and coffee, into a single drink. For requests from specific characters, it is the only time that Beidou requests something from the category of blended drinks. But in Genshin Impact’s Perfect Bartender Challenge in Genshin, Impact There could be more requests for base blend drinks or variants of them using additional ingredients.

  • Stroke of Night: Coffee + Tea + Milk
  • Dusk: Tea + Juice x2

What Are Rewards Genshin Drink Recipes?

This is the basis of every recipe found in the Bartender event. Completely completing the event will be rewarded Genshin Impact gamers with the following prizes:

  • 420 Primogems
  • 450,000 Mora
  • Celebration: Binge Vessel
  • Tavern Shaker: Grumous Oscillation
  • 6x Hero’s Wits
  • 4x Adventurer’s Experience
  • 24x Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • 2x Guide to Freedom
  • 2x Guide to Resistance
  • 2x Guide to Ballad
  • 4x Chains of the Dandelion Gladiator
  • 4x Debris of Decarabian’s City
  • 4x Boreal Wolf’s Cracked Tooth

Genshin Impact Drink Recipes FAQs

Can Genshin Impact recipes be real?

The meals in the game are inspired by real-life food. The images in Genshin Foodpact look stunning but do they taste delicious?

What is the legal drinking age in Genshin?

To begin, Genshin Impact releases in areas that prohibit the depiction of anyone less than 20 years old drinking alcohol. What you can infer that they aren’t permitted to consume alcohol is they’re less than 20.

How can you unlock drinks Recipes in Genshin?

Players can unlock a recipe during the event “Of Drink A Dreaming In Genshin Impact ” by adding certain components to the mix, mixing the drink according to the direction of the arrows, and selecting the size of the cup. The size of the drink is randomly chosen unless it’s specifically for a particular character.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve previously visited Genshin Impact for the Of Drink A-Dreaming event, you might be thinking about how you can make every drink in the minigame of bartending. Since this event will only be available for a few days, players will likely want to discover all available recipes to earn the time-limited rewards that come with this enjoyable extra activity. CoD: Warzone DMZ Mode can be an excellent way to learn game or see things from a different perspective.

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