With Exclusive In-game Content, Gran Turismo 7 Will Mark The Series’ 25th Anniversary.

Gran Turismo 7 will be celebrating its 25th anniversary as a franchise and will reward players in the form of unique in-game rewards, bonus items, and other rewards.

From today through December 5, participants can increase their reward for each race using the Sports mode. This mode offers an event similar to one that took place in the World Finals but will let players earn five times more credits on successful completion. The players can also earn extra credits by participating in Online Time Trails, which will require racers to finish routes that are part of World Finals races in a short amount of time. King Legacy Codes can open your mind to new possibilities involving game.

People who watch any of the Gran Turismo 7 live streams will receive the Viewers ‘ Gift. Moreover, when they view the World Finals and answer the Day 4 question, they’ll get an exclusive Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo. The deadline to be eligible for these rewards is on December 4 at 7:59 AM PST or 3:59 PM GMT.

Finally, the exclusive GT World Series World Finals liveries are accessible until January 3 in the Recommended section of the Showcase pavilion.

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