Grand Pirates Codes: Free Peli, Stat Reset, and XP

What benefit do Grand Pirates codes provide? With these codes, you can get free peli, XP, and stat reset for your character.

Grand Pirates is another Roblox-inspired game. This game will take you to new places, help you find treasure, fight bandits and locate the Logia, one of the rarest Devil Fruits. You’ll need Peli (the game’s version of Beli), stat adjustments, and buffs along the way – this is where codes are required.

Grand Pirates Codes will reward you with various goodies that can increase your bounty and power as a Pirate. You can earn Peli to buy a boat or get extra XP to help you fight your more powerful foes. Grand Pirate Official releases these codes sporadically, so it is difficult to predict when they will be removed.

Like any other Roblox game, you can also check this page for new codes.

Grand Pirates Codes (Active)

We will continue updating codes in the expired and new codes sections for your reference. Regulations are subject to expiration very soon. They may only work if you use them as directed. It is best to copy the code below and paste it directly into the game.

  • 12.5MVisits – Reset Stats
  • SecondSea – Reset Stats
  • 60KFavorites – Double XP (1 hour)
  • 50KLikesSorry – Double Peli (2 hours)

Grand Pirates Codes (Expired)

A large number of codes are invalid. Roblox players can expect to receive more codes during updates and collaborations in-game.

  • SorryForShutdowns
  • 10KLikes
  • 1.5MVisits
  • 2MVisits
  • 20KFavorites
  • 20KLikes
  • 1KDislikes
  • 30KLikes
  • 40KFavorites
  • 5MVisits
  • 50KFavorites
  • 7.5MVisits
  • GearFourth
  • 8.5MVisits
  • 10MVisits
  • 2KLikes
  • 3KLikes
  • 4KLikes
  • 100KVisits
  • Released
  • SorryForBugs
  • 1KLikes
  • SuspiciousAction
  • 100KVisits
  • 5KLikes
  • 500KVisits
  • 1MVisits
  • 10KFavorites

What Are Grand Pirates?

Grand Pirates is a Roblox game that allows One Piece fans to play as characters in the story. Exploring the world around you is the key to unlocking the various stages and becoming the best player possible. You must sail across the open ocean to defeat your enemies and gain more power.

What Is Grand Pirates Codes, And How Do They Work?

Grand Pirate Official, the game developer, provides codes for Grand Pirates. These codes are keywords and phrases. These codes are added periodically to the game, usually based on a threshold of followers/likes on their social media platforms. They have many uses. Some can reset your stats, while others give you an extra boost that will make it easier for you to increase your stats. Others provide new Devil Fruits.

How Do I Redeem Grand Pirates Codes?

Redeem codes to receive free Grand Pirates rewards. Follow these instructions to do this.

  1. To play the game, click the Menu button at the bottom of your screen.
  2. In the upper-left corner, press the Settings/Gear button.
  3. Enter the code exactly in the text box.
  4. To submit your code and claim your reward, press the “Enter” button on your keyboard.

How Do You Get New Grand Pirates Codes?

Follow enjoy on Twitter to find more codes. They are the developers of this experience. You can join the Discord server to receive news and updates and chat with other players. We will continue to update this Wiki with the latest codes. Please check back often!

Grand Pirates Codes FAQs

When will there be more Grand Pirates codes?

You can see that new Grand Pirates codes are being released daily, as seen in the expired list. Unfortunately, these codes are often overlooked, so players only get the total rewards.
Join Grand Pirates’ official Discord server to stay up-to-date on all code updates. This channel is a reliable source of information and often posts all the Grand Pirates’ working codes.

What controls do the Grand Pirates have?

1. SHIFT – Camera Lock
2. CTRL – Run
3. M – Menu
4. Geppo 2x Spacebar
5. J – Buso Haki
6. H – Conqueror Haki

Why don’t my Grand Pirates codes work?

Incorrectly entered codes are the most common reason Grand Pirates develop a disability. It is better to copy the code from our website and paste it into the code box. Grand Pirates codes, like all Roblox games, require correct punctuation.
The developers may have expired your code if you are sure you entered it correctly, but it still needs to be fixed. Let us know if this is the case in the comments. We will investigate and remove the code from the list.


Grand Pirates, a Roblox game based on One Piece’s sea adventure One Piece, was published by Grand Pirate Official. You can play as a character from the anime and explore the ocean, fight pirates, find treasure, or devil fruit. You may also like Star Tower Defense Codes and Blox Fruits Codes.

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