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Halo Infinite Next Week’s Updates Announced

Halo Infinite Next Week's Updates Announced

Halo Infinite Next Week's Updates Announced Information

Halo Infinite next week’s updates announced will get an important community-focused update that will make modifications to helmets and visors and will include a new playlist.

Halo Infinite is set to receive a brand-new Drop Pod update next week, which will focus on improving the quality of life and popular features that fans have requested. Cross-compatibility of visors with helmet attachments, as well as additional playlists with ranked modes, are coming to Halo Infinite on August 9.

At present, Halo Infinite is in the middle of its second season of content called Lone Wolves. Season 2 of Halo Infinite was initially planned as short-term and lasted just a little longer than Heroes of Reach before getting extended to allow for the development of more game features. As of this time, Halo Infinite still lacks the Forge mode and a cooperative campaign, but co-op has been showing some signs of life in recent playtests. In general, the Halo community has been waiting for various improvements and fixes to the game along with more content, since season two was deemed to be a bit poor in its content delivery. This week’s update will be a sign that 343 Industries is keen on keeping its promises to its players and is working hard to make up for the gaps.

In a blog post on the Halo Waypoint website, 343 Industries has revealed the next Drop Pod update, stating that it will have more of a community focus and will help lay the groundwork for features that are requested by the community in the near future. The first major change is that each color of visor will now be compatible with all helmets across all of the Cores. Before this update, players could only unlock visors that were specific to one of the five armor cores available in the game, which was a huge frustration for gamers in the Halo Infinite community. The below image shows the Eaglestrike Night Wisp visor on a Mark V core helmet.

Additionally, changes to the helmet attachments within the Mark VII armor core now allow players to swap attachments between helmets. Many fans have been asking for this feature for a long time, but 343 Industries had to take several considerations into account when it came to the art style and clipping issues before making the change. It is not the case that all Mark VII helmets in Halo Infinite will be able to use all helmet attachments, but 343 Industries says that the range of attachments is wider now.

The developer will provide the full list of possible combinations in the patch notes once the update is released on August 9. Below is an example of the Mark V Stalwart visor attachment on the Mark VII helmet.

The Current Winter Update For Halo Infinite

The Winter Update is the latest update for Halo Infinite, which came out on November 8, 2022. The update brought new features like Forge mode, Match XP, campaign co-op, two new maps, a new mode, and a free 30-tier Battle Pass. The update also made some enhancements to first-person animations, audio, Quick Resume, and the campaign. The update can be downloaded by all players who have Halo Infinite or Xbox Game Pass.

Halo Infinite Next Week’s Updates FAQs

What are the main features of the Drop Pod update?

The Drop Pod update is a community-focused update that will improve the customization options and matchmaking features of Halo Infinite. The update will allow players to use any visor color on any helmet and core, and to swap helmet attachments between different Mark VII helmets.

When will the Drop Pod update be released?

The Drop Pod update is scheduled to be released on August 9 on Xbox and PC.

What are the future plans for Halo Infinite after the Drop Pod update?

Halo Infinite will continue to receive updates and new content in the coming months. The next major update is the Winter Update, which will launch Season 3 of Halo Infinite. Season 3 will feature new maps, modes, weapons, armor, and more.

The Botton Line

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