Introducing Primitive, A Stone Age Shooting Game That Jumps Back In Time

Introducing Primitive A Stone Age Shooting Game is a brand new Stone Age survival shooter just revealed for PC. It is designed to fully utilize Unreal Engine 5 to deliver an image-realistic depiction of how it was thousands of years ago.

Developer Games Box is the studio behind Primitive, and even while it’s still without any time frame for release (or even an official release date), the game can be purchased on Steam. The game’s description says that players have to rise to the ranks of a hunter group, learn to communicate and make various tools that will help in survival, like new weapons, shelters, cooking methods, and dressing. The game’s players will fight against not only rival Neanderthals or early Homo sapiens but also huge wooly mammoths and tigers with sabers.

In an interview with IGNGames Box CEO Tomasz Supel stated that the project is in the early stages of the development process; however, games such as Ubisoft’s Far Cry Primal will give players a clear idea of what they can expect. “Thinking about similar titles, Primitive is similar to titles like Far Cry Primal, yet our focus is on capturing the essence of the world of hundreds of thousands of years ago, and how everything came down to pure power and also a struggle for survival and dominance,” Supel said. Star Levels Clash Royale is a good resource to learn more about game something or to consider a new idea.

Visuals are expected to be the biggest role in the vision Primitive has. Primitive’s Steam website promises “breathtaking scenes with photorealistic graphics, utilizing the power of the most modern graphic cards” and describes the kind of atmosphere and immersive images that the team will be able to create because of Unreal Engine 5.

Primitive, an open world will have an original story that takes the players on the “journey through the primordial world of humanity’s beginnings” but will also contain “random events and unexpected twists” in the process. For more details, you can check Primitive’s Steam list.

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