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Is Elden Ring On Game Pass?

Is Elden Ring On Game Pass?

Elden Ring On Game Pass Information

Is elden ring on game pass? The massive Japanese RPG is not available through Game Pass.

The publisher Bandai Namco, developer From Software and Microsoft have not released any details or confirmed an future Game Pass release of the game.

The release of “Elden Ring” was monumental and brought in a player count that was higher than that of all “Dark Souls” games combined. It wasn’t easy for players to abandon the game neither were they quick to abandon the game. Gamers continue to find new and interesting things to discover within “Elden Ring” almost six months after it was released such as a lost colosseum as well as the hidden places where bosses conceal themselves.

There are some players that haven’t explored The Lands Between just yet. For them recently, new information seems to hint towards “Elden Ring” removing some of its purchase requirements and being accessible on the go within the next few months and making it easier to access than ever before. The speculation erupted after gamers saw the Xbox Cloud Gaming listing for “Elden Ring” that made people believe that the game was headed into the cloud gaming service. It’s true that the Xbox Cloud Gaming service allows gamers to play certain Xbox Game Pass titles on any device using streaming. For the fans who were excited there’s a glitch. Microsoft spokesperson has revealed the details of the service and the information isn’t the information “Elden Ring” fans wanted to hear.

Will Elden Ring Be On Game Pass?

Will Elden Ring be on Game Pass for Xbox and PC? This is a valid question considering Microsoft’s recent purchases studio-wise. Are they going to MS give some money from’s method to acquire Elden in the future? At this point, it’s not quite there yet , but a lot of games will be available through Game Pass after their release date. With the size of Elden Ring you can bet Microsoft will be swiping that check around. We’ll determine if Elden Ring Game Pass is worth it. Elden Ring Game Pass prospects are positive, and if it’s worth any on the Xbox subscription service to wait for it to come out.

As of the time of writing, there appears to be no confirmation of whether we can count on Elden Ring to be on Game Pass at any point at all, since neither Bandai Namco or From Software have spoken about the issue. However, there are important indicators, namely that none of the additional From Software titles are currently on Game Pass at time of writing. This is because the Soulsborne series has traditionally been more closely associated with Sony than Microsoft and Bloodborne’s status as an exclusive PS4 exclusive. While there’s no way to rule out the possibility that Elden Ring might ever be included on Game Pass, it does indicate that it’s not likely at the moment. Perhaps a few months after launch? No matter what, we’ll keep this page when we learn more about this issue in any way. It’s true that the first announcement made at an event at a Microsoft event has muddled the issue quite a bit however all we can say for certainty is that you’ll be able to purchase it on the Xbox and not receive it for free through Game Pass. Game Pass subscription.

Did Elden Ring Just Leak For Xbox Game Pass?

Is Elden Ring set to be added into the Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass subscription service? It’s a question that a lot of users have been asking since an announcement which was revealed this week. In light of how popular Elden Ring has become since its debut than 2022 debut to Game Pass would without a likely be a huge deal for the service. Unfortunately, however it seems that the leak that was causing concern was actually an error that was visible to certain users.

The game was featured by the Microsoft Store this week, some Xbox gamers noticed the fact that Elden Ring was listed as an Xbox Game Pass title. on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Although Microsoft along with the publisher Bandai Namco had never announced that Elden Ring would launch onto Game Pass, some took this as a hint that the game was soon available on the platform. However, Microsoft has since confirmed that the mention that there was Elden Ring being available on Game Pass was merely a glitch that was discovered within the Marketplace. So, the latest FromSoftware action game won’t be available to Game Pass as of now.

Microsoft Responds To Claims Of Elden Ring, GTA 5 On Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is a service that you can subscribe to provided by Microsoft that lets gamers choose from a variety of titles available on their PC or Xbox according to the type of membership they select. Game Pass constantly adds exciting and new titles, and many of the forthcoming major releases like Redfall as well as High on Life, will be available starting the day of launch with the subscription service. Recently, some gamers discovered two major games that seemed to be heading onto Xbox Game Pass.

These titles are Elden Ring and Grand Theft Auto 5 and will both be significant additions to the Xbox Game Pass roster. While some online screenshots appeared to suggest that these games were going into Game Pass, there was another possibility that instead of being offered via the subscription service Elden Ring along with GTA 5 would instead be accessible through Xbox Cloud Gaming, which streams games directly to a player’s device. It appears that the games might not be available through either of the services, as per an announcement from Microsoft.

According to the Eurogamer website, Microsoft confirmed it believes that Elden Ring and GTA 5 showing as games that are compatible Game Pass and Cloud Gaming was a problem. Microsoft has stated that it is “aware of a bug that incorrectly displayed some titles as available with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.” According to Microsoft it has rolled a fix out for this issue as well as GTA 5 and the Elden Ring as well as the GTA 5 store pages have been updated and have removed the mention of games available with Xbox Game Pass.

Does Elden Ring Coming To Game Pass?

Is Elden Ring on Game Pass? The latest title from FromSoft has been receiving great reviews(opens in a new tab) I wouldn’t be shocked should you decide to explore The Lands Between to see what all the hype is about.

You might have looked through the characters creation(opens in a new tab) options and have selected on which Elden Ring classes(opens in new tab) you’d prefer to try out ahead of the time. However, when it comes to purchasing Elden Ring Game Pass, you may be thinking about waiting for an Elden Ring Game Pass release. We’ve got the details.

Microsoft Says Elden Ring On Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft has confirmed that even though some gamers were able to see Elden Ring appearing as a game on Xbox Cloud Gaming as part of Xbox Game Pass It was an error which has been corrected.

“If you’ve seen Elden Ring and other games appear as if they might be playable on Xbox Cloud Gaming or Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft says this is a bug and it has rolled out a fix,” said The Verge editor Tom Warren via Twitter.

A variety of games, including Elden Ring, GTA V, and Soul Hackers 2 appeared on the store’s website and in an ad that promoted Xbox Cloud Gaming earlier today. However, while some believed that this was the possibility of an Xbox Game Pass debut for these games, it seems like it was an accidental error.

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