How to Get Minecraft Axolotl?

Minecraft axolotl is among the most beautiful beasts in the biomes. They are tiny pink amphibians that are primarily found in caves and caverns.

They stay near water whenever they can. It’s not a coincidence that axolotls in Minecraft need to be near water, or they risk drying out and being cut a bit. However, if you can understand how they function, it is possible to locate, breed, and even tame axolotls within Minecraft to create your tiny, personal group of amiable amphibians. Learn how they’re discovered and mastered in our step-by-step guide in the following article. Unfortunately, the process of finding a Minecraft axolotl is indeed much easier to say than accomplished. The axolotl can be described as an aquatic cave animal, meaning they can only be found in water and absolute darkness (light level zero). Naturally, there have blocks that cover their home.

However, on the bright side, the advantage is that a Minecraft cave lake with an axolotl does not have to be very large (there is to be at least one solid block, not five blocks or more below the axolotl’s spawning point). Reading Video Game Store could prove to be an excellent way to expand your knowledge or form a fresh game perspective.

Digging a lot is unnecessary since the axolotl could appear below the y-line at 64. This means that it is at sea level or less. Be aware that only one or four axolotls can spawn in one group. They come in five colors; however, blue ones are scarce. Around 1 in 1200 axolotls has blue, and don’t expect much for blue if it’s your favorite color.

How to Get, Tame, and Breed Minecraft Axolotls?

While we’re not able to experience the brand new version that comes with Minecraft’s Caves and the Cliffs update in the latest 1.17 Version of Minecraft, axolotls will ensure you have plenty of excitement and fun to be had. The new amphibian and aquatic mobs were the most awaited additions to Minecraft following the Warden, due to release at the end of the year.

We’re not going anywhere for taking a look at these cute little cuties and instantly knew you’d have to get one of your own, which is why we’ve collected all you must know about finding feeding, taming, and breeding Minecraft Axolotls.

Everything You Need To Know About Minecraft Axolotl

Are you interested in learning how to control Minecraft axolotls? If you’re unfamiliar with these adorable amphibians, the axolotl is a creature found in caves. Axolotls are a rare species of salamander and are, in fact, critically endangered. The species is native to the Valley of Mexico, particularly in two lakes, one of which is no longer in existence; therefore, we hope that their appearance in Minecraft can aid in the preservation efforts to save the axolotl.

Axolotls are currently found in the newly created Lush Cave biome. You can find a Lush Cave by searching for a brand new Acacia tree and digging up its roots until you come across one of the caverns with vibrant colors. Axolotls are available in five different kinds, with blueish purple being an uncommon variety. They are also available in blue, pink, brown, and orange.

Axolotls Can Be Bred

The breeding axolotl is easy to do. Locating at least two in the same spot and putting many tropical fish in buckets is necessary. This makes the axolotl the first mob that has to be bred using things that aren’t stackable. Like other mobs, click right-click on the bucket of tropical fish, and the hearts will pop out. A baby axolotl is born, and it takes about 20 minutes to mature and become an adult. In the meantime, a baby will always be with its parents. Most often, babies are born the same color as one parent, but it’s also possible to get a distinctive blue color.

Axolotls Spawn Underwater

As amphibians, it’s no surprise that axolotls are fond of water. If you’re hoping to find one in Minecraft, then head to the nearest area of water, whether that’s one of the underwater caves or oceans. The darker the water, the easier it is to likely encounter an axolotl. Therefore, underwater caves and ravines are the best options. Axolotl can reproduce similarly to squids and usually require the use of a stone that can stay within five blocks of the birth area. They are also able to produce in groups with up to four individuals. Their elevation at spawning needs to be lower than the level of Y=63.

Axolotls Can Be Captured

Axolotls aren’t difficult to capture. The challenge is finding one, to begin with. Take a bucket or lead if you’ve discovered an area where lots of them have formed, and then approach the axolotl. A lead attached to an axolotl can make it move around with you; however, using a bucket lets you move an axolotl with ease in dry terrain without exposing it to the dangers of drought. If you are required to carry your axolotl to a remote location, ensure that you utilize a bucket instead to ensure that it doesn’t get killed. Leads are helpful when directing the axolotl in a fight against older guardians within an ocean-based monument.

Axolotls Are Aquatic Predators

Don’t let their cute appearance make you believe they are. Axolotls are the most feared of the line of aquatic predators, and they’ll leave several dead fish in the waters. They will attack any water mob except turtles and dolphins. They will be more aggressive against hostile mobs such as the drowned, guardians, and elder guardians. If you’re looking for an easy way to be more game, then Star Levels is for you! You can read it now or wait until later when you have some time.

They will also consume all kinds of squid, fish, or glow squids. Pufferfish can react negatively to axolotl by puffing up like how they are responded to athletes.

Axolotls Don’t Last On Land

Although axolotls can crawl across the ground and have animations for it, they do not have a great time on the dry shores. Axolotls stuck on land will go to the nearest water source or search for one as soon as possible. If they don’t find water in the next five minutes or so, they will die. When it rains and storms, they can tolerate being on the ground much better than many water mobs, which would typically drown. It is essential to ensure that they have enough moisture.

Axolotls Give Status Effects

Axolotls were first mentioned as a great partners in combat in the water. This was one of the aspects in the Aquatic update, which was largely overlooked by Mojang when it was released in 1.13. But the axolotls made great up for the oversight by utilizing two unique capabilities that make them excellent allies in combat. If they lose health, they’ll die by floating down to the bottom and then regenerating their health. In this sequence, enemies will not bother Axolotls.

Where They Spawn Minecraft Axolotls?

Axolotls from the real world have been observed on the open in 2 lakes of Mexico, and one of these lakes is no longer in existence. Even Minecraft’s axolotl population is subject to certain limitations on where they can spawn; you can rest assured that they’re far quicker to locate than in real life.

  • Axolotls are only able to reproduce only under these conditions.
  • They are only able to reproduce in water that is lower than Y-level.
  • They can only reproduce in complete darkness (Light Level 0).
  • Their spawning place must lie within five blocks of the block resembling a stone and have an unfinished block over their spawning location.

Due to these restrictions, axolotl was used only to be spawned in underground caves. But, in Cliffs and Caves Part 2, Mojang changed its locations. The game now has axolotl within Lush Caves, which lie under azalea trees.

Can I Tame Minecraft Axolotls?

The truth is that you cannot control Minecraft’s Axolotls. It isn’t enjoyable, we know. It is possible to make them follow your lead by holding a bucket of Tropical Fish (but not Tropical Fish items!) in your hands when you move closer to them. This lets you corral the animals to a certain extent and allows you to lead them toward an area of your choice. It is also possible to attach axolotls to leads or even pick them up from the form of a Bucket of Water if you need to move them further. An axolotl taken home will never die, which means you can obtain a pet by this method. The ability to herd axolotls can be highly beneficial to breeding them.

How to Breed Minecraft Axolotls?

To breed axolotls, it is necessary to bring two adults to the same space by using any of the strategies mentioned previously. Inviting them to eat their favorite food items is the most simple and effective method for getting them to do this. The next step is to bring them both to enter Love Mode by feeding them an entire bucket of Tropical Fish each. If they are both In Love Mode, they will autonomously reproduce and give birth to a baby Axolotl. The US Army can help you with your game thinking. It can help you read about it.

The child will be with its parents until it becomes an adult for 20 minutes, but if you’re impatient, you could cut this by feeding the baby buckets filled with Tropical Fish.

Minecraft Axolotls Come In Five Colors

In Minecraft, Axolotls are exactly like their original appearance. They are also available in five shades:

  • Cyan (light blue, with pink highlights)
  • Gold (yellow)
  • Lucy (light pink)
  • Wild (brown)
  • Blue
How to Breed Minecraft Axolotls?

Minecraft Axolotl FAQs

Can I control an axolotl with Minecraft?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to manage an axolotl as a cat or the Wolf. They are, however, creatures that are not active and effortlessly be captured or moved. This means that you can breed axolotls and create your zoo of axolotls in Minecraft! The most efficient method of transporting an axolotl would be using buckets.

Are axolotls rare in Minecraft?

Rare Axolotls are extremely difficult to find and have only a 0.083 percent chance of spawning.

How can to keep axolotls healthy in Minecraft?

If players wish to prevent the axolotls from dying, then all they have to do is put them in a bucket before releasing them. The mobs will not be removed from the game when they are respawned from the bucket.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve caught an axolotl and released them into the open ocean, it’ll move around, destroying all fish and other creatures in the area. To encourage the axolotls to join you in pursuit, you’ll require an exotic fishing fish (either in your left hand or in your main hand). Reading How to Summon Spirits could prove to be an excellent way to expand your knowledge or form a fresh game perspective.

Axolotls do not offer much raw power on their own, but they can unleash several buckets of axolotl at once, meaning your opponents have plenty to deal with.

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