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New Nikki Dev Game Announced With Trailer Shows Crazy Action Sequels Soon

New Nikki Dev Game Announced

New Nikki Dev Game Announced News

Chinese studio New Nikki Dev Game announced Project The Perceiver as an open-world action game.

It was developed by 17ZHE, an internal sub-studio. This is a surprising announcement considering Paper Games is well-known for its popular dress-up games Shining Nikki and the Nikki Up2U series.

The trailer suggests that Project The Perceiver takes place in a historical fantasy period with Dark Souls-inspired combat. Officially, the players will meet many different characters in a turbulent environment, learn and transform their ideals into masks, and engage in violent duels.

After reviving himself, a character dies in the trailer and is given a “blank face mask.” The ProjectThe Perceiver website has only revealed two characters, the “Mask of Devotion,” the main character in the trailer in white, and the “Mask of Umbra,” which appears to be a man you can fight in this trailer.

Project The Perceiver is still in development and has yet to be released. It’s currently confirmed for PlayStation and is still being announced for other platforms. If you want to enhance your game, Roblox Promo Codes was made just for you.

There is a growing trend in open-world Dark Souls-inspired action gaming, set in loosely historical fantasy settings by Chinese studios like Black Myth Wukong. It is yet to be seen if Paper Games can break into a new genre, but it will be interesting to see if Love Nikki’s narrative arcs (Blood curses!) can crack this game. War!) If Shining Nikki’s 3D model of Shining Nikki is any indication, we should have high expectations.

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