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Oculus Quest 2 Games

Oculus Quest 2 Games

Oculus Quest 2 Games Tips

Are you looking for the top Oculus Quest 2 game there? You’re in the right spot. While the headset has been officially dubbed Meta Quest 2.

Meta Quest 2, and the cost of the VR headset has increased however, it’s still an impressive collection of games we’re sure you’ll be tempted to buy and play.

However, VR’s gems in the rough aren’t as well-known as other gaming’s major successes, so we’re willing to lend some help and have selected our top VR games in the following section.

We’ve curated a selection of games which are available on Quest’s two stores, and also certain PC games that demonstrate that connected VR still offers something (but to enjoy them, you’ll need to learn what to do to hook up the Oculus Quest to PC).

The Most Popular Oculus Quest 2 Games

If you’re keen on VR gaming, you’ve probably been familiar with Beat Saber, and trust us, you’ll be able to believe the hype. For those who don’t know it’s Guitar Hero meets Star Wars as a song plays blocks fly toward you and you cut them with the two lightsabers you hold in your hands while avoiding obstacles.

With lower levels it’s a fantastic opportunity to introduce players to VR, while more experienced players will enjoy the challenges provided by the levels in the ‘Hard’ or Expert’ mode. If you persevere, you’ll eventually reach a ‘flow state’ in which your arms work independently of your thoughts. You’ll be slicing through blocks as Luke Skywalker had he been a drummer in the direction of Pendulum and not become a Jedi. Additionally (exclusively in this version of the game) Quest version) you can play in 360-mode, where blocks are able to fly at you from any direction – however, this feature is only available to certain songs. Connecting external headphones (especially ones with a bass that is deep) is essential so that you can listen to tracks by Billie Eilish, Imagine Dragons, Linkin Park, and BTS with the best sound you can get.

One of the most recently released DLC pack to be included was called that of the Electronic Mixtape. The mixtape not only contains an array of amazing EDM tracks, but it also includes one of Beat Saber’s finest-looking and toughest courses to date. In addition, due to the VR headset’s price hike to August of 2022 Beat Saber will now be offered with each newly released Oculus Quest 2 device. To benefit from the promotion, purchase the Quest 2 before the end of 2022. Follow instructions for redemption instructions(opens in a new tab).

Microsoft Flight Simulator

If you own the Oculus Link cable to play Quest 2, then 2020’s version of Microsoft Flight Simulator is a game you can play in virtual real-world. It’s not only earned praise due to its exceptional levels of realism, it’s also a stunning game that has a wide selection of flying aircrafts available around the world. When you add VR support and the already immersive game becomes more immersive. Our assistant editor Mike Prospero did exactly this and found this experience “is like playing a whole new game.” This is an game you’ll be wanting to play with Quest 2.

Half-Life: Alyx

If there ever was a game that you wanted to showcase the experiences that virtual reality offer the world, then half-Life Alyx is the one you’ll want to visit. Although this isn’t Half-Life 3, it’s a game created by Valve specifically for VR headsets, despite the fact that the company didn’t think of selling a huge amount of copies. Although it’s a niche game but it’s also an excellent illustration of how great VR games can become when the right time and know-how are applied. On our sister website PC Gamer(opens in a new page), Christopher Livingston praised Half-Life: Alyx for its focus on details interactions, storytelling as well as the setting. While it’s not exactly an Quest 2 game, as it’s not in Oculus’s store Oculus store, with an PC connection cable that connects the Quest 2 to a gaming PC, you can play one of the greatest VR games ever created.


Despite its extravagant design the Oculus special VR Battle Royale game Population:One is far too unique for it to simply be dismissed just a Fortnite copy. Two players and you are taken into a hostile world to hunt for weapons and other supplies to ensure that you are the last remaining group. There’s an array of weapons available and structures that you can build. But, the unique Vertical Combat System is the main highlight of the game. Each surface you encounter can be climbed. This leads to intense fights when teams fight for the superior ground advantage. 

From a higher location it is possible to use an wingsuit to take off into battles or swiftly traverse the map. The whole system is an unique feature that breathes new energy into the genre of battle royale. It’s quite impressive to experience a game with this size and quality run so smoothly on Quest 2’s mobile processor. In addition to the smooth control, detailed environments, and an engaging gameplay loop, BigBox VR is a game developed by the BigBox VR is constantly rolling out live events in order to keep the game in a state of flux.

SuperHot VR

If you’ve ever thought about the experience to be a polygonal hitman navigating an array of stark surroundings and arid terrain, then SuperHot VR may be just the thing for you. SuperHot VR takes the game’s fundamental principle of time only moving as you move, and then brings its gameplay into the virtual world. When you physically dodge an object, the projectile can shift from moving forward to speeding up. 

SuperHot can be pretty cool in general but it’s like it’s been turbocharged in VR. You suddenly find yourself in the in the middle of slow-motion that is exhilaratingly fast. It is important to consider the location of your space and plan a few steps ahead to avoid a single-shot death. It’s also quite entertaining; throwing a book or your gun at an approaching adversary and then watching them smash is a spooky combination with Jason Bourne, John Wick and Austin Powers. But beware that it could become very entertaining. If you’re not surrounded by a lot of space it is possible that a right hook directed at an opponent can be a hammering on an entire wall in real life!

Beat Saber

If you combined Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution as well as some Star Wars into a blender you’d have Beat Saber. The game lets you must match with the shade of your sword with cut the blocks of the same color at the proper angle. In addition to a growing velocity, there are also dangers like walls and bombs that you must avoid. It’s a full body exercise with a pulsating EDM soundtrack. It’s an unforgettable experience that is only possible with virtual reality. 

A lengthy single-player career game will test players for hours with increasing particular requirements required to complete the challenge. You can select any tune to jam and with toggling modifiers to assist or test you. A beginner player may switch on an aid to multiplying their bonus for example, while a sadisI’m talking about expert, increases the difficulty by restricting their play to a single error before failing. Recently, Beat Saber added a multiplayer update, allowing you to play head-to-head with other players to determine who the most skilled swordsman in your friends group.

Until You Fall

Combine the intense combat in Dark Souls with a rogue-like game, and you’ll have the game until You Fall. With a smooth gameplay as well as a bright and vibrant aesthetic and beat-making synthwave soundtrack, This could be the VR game that we didn’t even know that we needed. With dual-wielding weaponry (sword or mace, and knife) you’ll be able to with precision and block enemies to win battle. Unfortunately, the large portion of your time will be being a victim of battle. 

Each time you die , you provide you with fresh information and improvements. Starting from the highest health level as well as damage enhancements, the upgrades will change the battle to your advantage. Like playing one final round of The Civilization series, every success makes it hard to stop playing. The tough boss fights are sure to make you angry. Being better prepared for battle with better equipment and winning however is pure joy. If you’re a fan of the sweet brutality of Soulsborne games You’ll be playing until you fall.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners is Quest’s debut AAA single-player game. It is a colossal undertaking that combines long-running campaign, satisfying real-world environments and realistic physics for a truly immersive experience. You’ll sneak, shoot , and take advantage of an eerie New Orleans with every major decision you make, resulting in extremely serious outcomes. A sophisticated crafting system lets you to create a makeshift weapon with realistic weight and size. 

As in the real world, you’ll have to be able to grip these weapons , which are susceptible to break after prolonged usage. With degrading weapons and a limiting stamina system, you’ll need to choose the best method to accomplish your goals. The use of stealthy tactics can make it more challenging as the game unfolds. However the moment you step into a scene with gunfire often leaves you with no weapon against a crowd of undead. The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners offers a balanced mix of fun and immersion absent from the Quest store as of now. Alongside it’s PC special edition Half Life: Alyx, it’s the best AAA VR experience available.

The Climb

Sometimes, you’ll require a break from virtual violence. This is why Crytek’s VR game The Climb comes in. The company that developed Far Cry along with Crysis has created an amazing free-climbing simulator which trades firearms’ pews for the audible “oh wows” from its players. Realistically rendered environments thanks to CRYENGINE offer you the thrill of hanging off cliffs ranging from the Alps up to and across the American Southwest. 

Each of the courses offer a challenging climb and require appropriate gripping techniques. There are many paths to every ascent that you can explore , with different perspectives of valleys and vistas as rewards. When you have completed a climb, it allows you to increase your rank and buy new equipment. In the event of a failed climb, you will be awarded terrifying plunges instead. The Climb is an unforgettable experience , both physically and visually. If you’re seeking physical challenge to escape the monotony of the real world, mark your hands and get the rope for The Climb.


A lot more in the vein of Rainbow Six: Siege than Call of Duty, Onward’s 5v5 game that does not respawn requires careful planning and substantial collaboration between your teammates to ensure the best results. The number of hits you can make is limited, and reloading the game requires the player to physically chamber rounds to create a remarkably real-life military experience. While not being shackled by cords Onward excels with the Quest 2 more than on any other VR headset. 

The freedom that comes by cutting the cord lets users to jump into the abyss and get a good look at Onward’s official maps for a dozen without anxiety. To ensure that the game doesn’t end up getting boring There are a plethora of maps created by the community. Each one is packed with details and provides numerous locations to hide during fierce battles. In the presence of fire, your vision is widened to mimic stress from combat. While it’s quite immersive interaction with all your equipment truly takes it to the next level.

Every one of the more than 40 guns available in Onward will require the clips to be empty and rounds chambered to allow the reloading process. It will take the time needed to fill and place clips in sidearms or every bullet into firearms like revolvers and shotguns. Your standard equipment, no matter the loadout is an injection syringe for health on your waist, a radio strapped to your left shoulder, and a tablet in your back. These devices help to revive teammates who have fallen ill and also contact teammates who are not close enough to make use of contact via proximity chat.

Resident Evil 4 VR

A standout in the zombie-focused game series Resident Evil 4 is not compatible with an Oculus Quest 2. In fact, it’s the most compelling reason to purchase the Oculus Quest2. Although it won’t surprise you on the visuals side but playing the game using virtual reality gives you a sense of immersion that’s impossible to achieve elsewhere. Additionally, with the motion control and tracker, Resident Evil 4 VR provides a new approach to playing the game. It also does surprisingly well for the game that’s been altered to be compatible with VR instead of being designed to be compatible with it. If you’re looking for an entirely new approach to playing Resident Evil 4, look at its Oculus Quest 2 edition.

Oculus Quest 2 Games FAQs

Does Oculus Quest 2 need wifi?

The concept of a free-of-cost experience is what has drawn many users into Oculus Quest 2. Oculus Quest 2 initially. However, many are left wondering if WiFi is a must. Do you need WiFi in order to make use of your Oculus Quest 2? The simple answer is there is no need to connect to WiFi to use this Quest 2. But, it’s crucial to be aware that this could put limitations on what you’re capable of doing using the headset. The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that it need to connect to WiFi to set up the headset up in the initial place. It’s not something you can only do with an wireless Internet connection.

Does Oculus Quest 2 need a pc?

There are many misconceptions regarding Oculus headsets and PC. The initial Oculus release that was the Oculus Rift was dependent on an PC to run games. However, the Oculus Quest turned the equation around. In the initial Quest headset came out, it didn’t just eliminate the requirement for a PC. It didn’t even connect to a computer in any way. Users were instead forced to play games that operated on Quest’s Android-based operating system.

Does Oculus Quest 2 work with Steam?

The use of a PC is essential. But does it work with Steam? Steam is by far the biggest gaming store and platform that is available to Windows, Mac, and Linux users as well. Any device that can support PC games, but doesn’t support Steam could be a real disappointment. However, Oculus Quest 2 Oculus Quest 2 does include steam support.

Is Oculus Quest 2 compatible with PS4 and PS5?

In light of the fact that Sony offers its own brand of VR headsets, it’s no surprise that there’s not formal support available for Oculus. Oculus range on PlayStation 4. What about methods that aren’t official? It is possible to use PS Remote Play to stream games on an PlayStation 4 to the Oculus Quest 2. It can be done by using one of two methods. One method is to install your Android Remote Play app onto the Oculus Quest 2. The second option involves operating your PC Remote Play service on your computer , and then streaming the output directly to the Quest 2.
What’s happening on the PlayStation 5 is almost exactly similar to that of PlayStation 4. PlayStation 4. This PlayStation 5 doesn’t have any official support for the Oculus Quest 2. The only workaround that isn’t official is via using Remote Play.

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