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Ray-Traced Reflections Are Added By The Callisto Protocol Patch For Xbox Series X

The Callisto Protocol Patch Ray-Traced

The Callisto Protocol Patch Ray-Traced News

The Callisto Protocol new patch is available this week for consoles Ray-Traced reflections and new graphics features available on Xbox Series X.

The Callisto Protocol didn’t have the most smooth launch and was plagued by several performance issues in some situations. The gamers on Microsoft’s biggest console can now see ray-traced reflections. Further improvements are also expected. “We are continuously working on optimizing our software across all platforms and are looking for your feedback,” developer Striking Distance announced on Twitter. “Thanks to you for being patient.”

Studio director Glen Schofield also commented on the patch, saying that the developers are “listening and changing, tweaking and upgrading.” The complete notes of the patch are not out there. However, we’ll update the notes here if they’re.

This was The Callisto’s second update this week, following an earlier update that improved PC performancePC users will now experience less stabbing and more optimizations, working to enhance the user experience even more.

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