The New Play On The Go Bundle Offers 8 Steam Deck Games

If you’re looking to fill your brand-new Steam Deck with new games during the holiday season, Fanatical’s Play On The Go 3 bundle includes up to eight PC games for only $10.

Yes, they’re all Steam Deck. This bundle comes as part of Fanatical’s Bundlefestive promotion that will offer new bundles of games each day during the week. The build-your-own bundle is available in three levels, including 3 games for $5 and $5 for five games$7, or, for the most value, eight games for the price of $10. Customers can pick their preferred games from a selection of 22 games, and there’s plenty to pick from.

A few notable opinions are Blasphemous, an action-platformer that is which is inspired by Dark Souls and Castlevania, with gorgeous (and horrifying) graphic pixel art.

For RPG gamers, there’s a cute (and astonishingly thrilling) Cat Quest and the quirky roguelike dungeon-crawler Going Under.

Blazing Chrome is an excellent option for those looking to recreate memories of Contra glory daysAragami will surely please those who like a more stealthy method of play.

If you’re looking for something more dramatic, There’s the top-down survival game called Darkwood, as well as the disturbing low-fi thriller House. Whether you want to become more game, Stardew Valley 3ds is for you!

It’s only a fraction of the available games. You can easily play with your favorite genre or mix it up by adding an assortment of strategy games and shooters, racing games, and platformers in the Steam Deck

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