Today’s Premiere of the Splinter Cell Audio Series

Ubisoft’s cult stealth-action show Splinter Cell finally returned on December 2 with the eight episodes of the BBC Radio series starring Will Poulter.

The show will air on BBC Radio 4 every Friday for the next eight weeks, and you can view the announcement of the game studio here.

The synopsis says: “In this all-new story inspired by Jam Swallow’s novel, published through Aconyte Books in 2022Sam Fisher is recruiting new agents for the NSA’s secret Fourth Echelon, among them his daughter Sarah Fisher, but an assassin from his past reappears from the dead and poses a threat to the security of the world. In the present, Sam and Sarah must unite to stop hazardous and technologically advanced cyberwarfare technologies developed by Brody Teague’s villain, regardless of the price.” A One Piece Game Codes can be a great method in which to learn game or discover something new.

Michael Ironside will not be returning to voice the super-spy, Sam Fisher. Instead, the character will be expressed by Andonis Anthony, who is most likely most well-known for his role on the British radio show The Archers. Anthony is as well as Will PoulterDaisy HeadRosalie CraigSacha Dhawan, and Nikesh Patel.

Though it’s a well-loved franchise, Splinter Cell has yet to see any more installments released since 2013; however an update of the original game, as well as the possibility of a VR version of the game, have been made public. The first Splinter Cell, first released in 2002, was the first game to introduce players to the character Sam Fisher, a special-operations agent from The NSA classified Third EchelonAn ex-Navy SEAL agent, Fisher’s witty humor — and Ironside’s voice acting made him a cult character from the start. To date, Sam Fisher has starred in six mainline Splinter Cell games and appeared within The Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six series.

A series of anime directed by John Wick creator Derek Kolstad is also being developed. A film with Tom Hardy was announced years ago but was never produced.

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