Ubisoft Releases New Screenshots of Rainbow Six Siege Crossover Game

Nier has collaborated with many games over the years. This time it is collaborating with Ubisoft Releases New Screenshots of Rainbow Six Siege.

Ubisoft’s tactical shooter, Nier, will soon get a Maverick Nier Replicant bundle with the Operation Solar Raid update.

The trailer for the Rainbow Six Siege and Nier collaboration teased what appears to be an older version of Nier, also known as Brother Nier, with a gun. Grimoire Weiss made an appearance, and the trailer description stated that more Nier content would be revealed at the Year 7 Season 4 reveal panel.

The trailer ends with boots that look like they belong in Yorha units. Although it is unknown whether the character is 2B or 3B, players can expect some Nier Automata inclusions in the crossover. King Legacy Codes may serve as a helpful resource or may provide new game insights.

When asked by Destructoid about his stance regarding future Nier collaborations, Yokotaro said that he was a slave to capitalism and would do anything for a paycheck.

Ubisoft will announce Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 7 Season 4 via its YouTube channel on November 21 at 12:30 PM PST / 9:30 PM ET. We know that Operation Solar Raid will get a new map called Nighthaven Labs. This is the official name of Year 7, Season 4. Significant changes can also be expected in the ranking system.

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