Where Did The Star Fall In Elden Ring?

Players ask where did the Star Fall in Elden Ring? The answer to this, it is located in Limgrave, to the south of Mistwood and west of Fort Haight.

Players in Elden Ring will defeat Starscourge Radahn. They will receive a cut scene of a shooting Star hitting the ground from the arena. Although it is easy to see from the star-struck map west of Redmane Castle’s Redmane Castle, there are still a lot of miles to go.

It will take a little time to get there, especially since some NPCs are happy to point out the direction of the Radahn star that has fallen. It helps that the landing spot for the vast Radahn star lies in familiar territory, which most players have visited before.

For a direct answer, you can look here: the falling star collision site is south of Limgrave in the Mistwoods. Near the fort, there will be a huge hole. Blaidd, the Half-Wolf, spoke of this as where “falling starbit the earth.”

Once you have found the city entrance, there is still more to do. This is everything you need to enter Nokron, Eternal City within Elden Ring.

Where Is The Falling Star In Elden Ring?

Just south of the Mistwood, Limgrave is the “where the Falling Starbit the Earth” location in Elden Ring. You can quickly travel to Fort Haight Site of Grace (pictured below) to see strange floating rocks above a large crater in the ground to the west. This is where Radahn defeated the fallen star, leading you to Nokron, Eternal City.

Where Is The Falling Star In Elden Ring?

Where Is Blaidd At The Falling Star?

Blaidd, despite his promise to meet you at Nokron, is not there. Blaidd won’t join you in the Nokron portion of your quest. You will need to find him after you have completed Ranni’s quest. Blaidd can be found in another area if you are willing to travel a little bit.

Where Is Blaidd At The Falling Star?

Where To Find Blaidd After Radahn?

Blacksmith Iji, located at the Road To the Manor Site of Grace Liurnia, will tell you that Blaidd was sent on an urgent mission. That’s why he couldn’t join you in Nokron. But something is not right here. Blaidd left a message for you at his Mistwood meeting place. It reads, “There’s a traitor taken care of.” Now, go to Nokron. Keep going. “I’ll catch up.”

Blaidd was heading for Nokron. So where did he end up instead? You can find Blaidd trapped at Limgrave’s Forlorn Hound Evergaol. This is the exact spot where Blaidd and Bloodhound Knight Darriwil fought. Blaidd will be waiting for you at the Evergaol’s center. After explaining what happened to him and Iji, he will tell you that he will see Ranni.

Blaidd’s questline has been put on hold while you finish things with Ranni. You can still go back to Ranni’s Rise to check on Blaidd’s progress after you have completed Ranni’s quest.

Where To Find Blaidd After Radahn?

Find the Star Fall Location

These are the steps to follow to reach the Star Fall location. You can continue your quest once Radahn is defeated in Elden Ring.

  • The fastest way to get there is to travel to Fort Haight West Site Of Grace quickly. You might be interested in Kenneth Haight’s questline since you are already here.
  • Continue onwards from this point until you reach the crater formed by the Starfall.
  • Use Torrent to descend the crater and jump on the platforms along the crater’s edges.
  • You will eventually reach a doorway hidden in the mist. Continue down this path until you reach Nokron Eternal City.
Find the Star Fall Location

Import Quests for Nokron, Eternal City, and Where to Go Next

Two things are essential in this area, especially for completionists.

  • Ranni’s quest is complete with Nokron, Eternal City. You can read this Ranni’s quest guide if you still need to follow this quest!
  • The Mimic Tear is one of the most sought-after Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring.

Once you have completed Nokron in Elden Ring, you can do the following.

  • You can continue any other major Elden Ring quests you are currently pursuing.
  • If you haven’t, defeat Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon.
  • You can leave Rennala and go on to Altus Plateau, where you can continue your journey toward becoming an Elden Lord.

Star Fall In Elden Ring FAQs

Which level should I reach to defeat the falling star beast?

This one is rare. You can experience it early to see how to defeat it by fighting the Sellia Crystal Tunnel. Before you attempt to enter Caelid, make sure that your level is between 50-60.

After beating General Radahn in Elden Ring, where did the star go?

General Radahn has been defeated, and the stars are released to the Lands Between. The Starscourge’s gravitational control no longer holds them back. One star lands in Mistwood and leads to Nokron (the Eternal City) on the Siofra River’s upper cliffs.

Is Nokron Eternal City an option?

Nokron, Eternal City, is an underground location located one level above the Siofra River in Elden Ring. This underground area is optional and slightly less linear than the overworld but retains many core mechanics.

How can you defeat the Fallingstar beast in Elden Ring?

The Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast is exceptionally healthy and heavily armored throughout its body. Its head and behind take additional damage so aim your attacks at them whenever possible. For maximum damage, aim your attacks at its white head or butt.

How can you find the Falling Star Crater Elden Ring?

You will need to jump a lot once you reach the crater. It would help if you descended around the crater’s rim. Jumping down will only get you hurt. You will need to jump twice across the chasm to reach the bottom.

Final Words About Star Fall In Elden Ring

You can descend into the hole by jumping from floating rocks to floating rocks. Once you have entered the hole, Nokron will be your destination, the Eternal City. Two optional bosses can be found down there. Also, an item is required to complete Ranni the Witch’s side quest. You will also find the Mimic Tear spirit ashes, a powerful spirit summon.

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